Choose To LiVE was founded in 2017 by Joelle Gardiner, a mother of two who has spent many years working with young people. Having once been a troubled young person herself, Joelle has long lived with the desire to help the younger generation. After leaving her post as a personal tutor to ‘disengaged’ young people and with a burning desire to fix the epidemic of violent crime being committed by youths today, Joelle decided to take the very scary step of starting her very own organisation.

In just a few months, Joelle worked diligently, researching, registering, branding and creating Choose To LiVE from scratch, turning a good idea into a life changing organisation. With the first workshop having taken place in early October 2017, Choose to LiVE has already managed to make positive changes to the lives of several young people and will continue to grow to be instrumental in transforming communities for the better.

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