My name is Candice Dionne Dubois, I am the mother of 3 lovely children, twin boys and a daughter.

I grew up with two of my sisters and 1 of my brothers in a single parent household where I was the middle child #blacksheep lol. Throughout my life I came across many different challenges and hurdles from witnessing domestic violence to being exposed to behaviours a young adolescent shouldn’t have been around. I started to drink and smoke from a young age to block out home life and distract myself from facing reality (which I later realised was not the answer). I suffered with anxiety and depression from quite young, but this went undetected as I never had anyone to reach out to and talk to or any positive role models who inspired me.

After seeking professional help, I was able to tackle my problems and get my life back on track (I just needed a little push) and support from my little sister who happens to be the founder of this company and an inspirational individual.

I have always had a passion for working with children and young people and has been the only job I have ever done, from nannying to nurseries, primaries and teaching steel pan. I feel like young people aren’t given enough opportunities and encouragement throughout the crucial years of their lives so when my sister explained her business to me I was more than happy to be on board. I am happy to be part of choose to live and look forward to helping many young people take control of their lives and make something out of themselves.