We visit young people who are in desperate need of an intervention and help their parents/carers, communities and establishments to help them to see that there is another way.



Sometimes a young person is exhibiting behaviour and choice making that is beyond what their parents/carers, communities and/or educational establishments feel able to cope with. In crisis situations, where all resources have been exasperated, Choose To Live staff are able visit the young person, implementing strategies that help to diffuse the situation and aid the young person to see the reality of their behaviour. We can be called at short notice and will come as soon as possible (subject to availability).

Price: £0 – £70 per hour (subject to funding)


We travel to inner city areas that are known for crime amongst young people and share our LIVE values with the young people that we meet. Young people need to feel Loved, Inspired, Valued and Educated, and we believe that a simple conversation and expressed interest can go a long way. We encourage members of the community to get involved also – look out for info on our next outreach activity on our homepage and socials!